Creating an Example


Ooh I’ve been gone for a little while, haven’t I? I have progress to share! I’ve been working on my first permaculture design project, oh where will it take me? This is assessment #1 of the Permaculture Design Certificate, but it is also an opportunity to amp up our backyard productivity, bring habitat to assorted creatures, improve the soil, connect with nature, and as Larry Korn says in the lectures, create an example of what permaculture is about.

Permaculture ethics and design principles provide guidance for creating examples. This poster is available for sharing from

In this project, I am acting as both client and designer as my scope is essentially my backyard in Melbourne. My husband and I want a space for fruit trees and shrubs, no-dig vegetable patches, herb garden, and a fruit vine for the side of the house.  We will need to consider water conservation to cope with our climate and the extreme heat and sometimes extended drought periods, and we are thinking about a water tank for the future.  We also want an outdoor play area and children’s garden for our 2 year old.

The project covers the design, and I will need to produce a report on the project and design process, an implementation plan, budget, and maps as part of the documentation to the Regenerative Leadership Institute. Ultimately, this will enable my husband and I to proceed with a new vision of our backyard, and go on to create a new permaculture example.


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