The Garden of Life


Happy New Year!


Growing potatoes for the first time

Here we are in 2016 and it feels like an opportunity for a fresh start.  I would like to start with a sense of gratitude for the garden, which always has something new to show me, and for the blog, which has been a creative outlet and a source of connection with permies creating their own examples, and for the patient readers taking an interest in my story and forgiving the blog pauses.

I would like to share with you a poem I wrote on 20 May 2015, and I’m sure the gardeners out there will recognise my feelings.

The Garden of Life

The seasons turn and I see the life around me

I see fresh green of adolescent growth

I see little heads as seeds find themselves in a new form

I see the love of another generation blooming its red happiness

I see the faded life too, the life that has served its purpose and left its green behind

It gives space for possibilities and potential, for dreams and journeys, for living co-operatively

Thank you for all your gifts


May 2016 bring you an abundant garden, health, and happiness 🙂


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