Flowforms, you are so beautiful


I stumbled across flowforms when I was searching Pinterest for permaculture systems and elements now that I’m up to that stage of the design project. A post on my design process is coming soon, but in the meantime, how beautiful is this?

It’s really organic with the round shapes and natural colours and you can just imagine watching the water flow in the landscape.

It really grabbed my attention as I have in the back of my mind some sort of water feature for the backyard that is also child-friendly and will be an attraction for wildlife. So to me, that means:

  • Water movement;
  • Small scale; and
  • Shallow bowls with varying depths, preferably within the bowls themselves to increase the edge.

Doing a little of research to see what’s available, I now see that flowforms tie into biodynamics for activating fertiliser preparations and oxygenating the water. It also reduces odours in the water. That means that you could also use it to improve your greywater.

How amazing is it that a seemingly simple water feature can do all of that? Here are a few more images for your visual pleasure 🙂

Wildlife appreciating the flowform

A flowform used for biodynamic preparation

An indoor flowform where the pets drink the water

A larger scale flowform used for agriculture

What do you think? Have you heard of flowforms before? Do you have one of your very own?